My First PPL Blog Entry

I have a free plan more or less for the next month and i want to get my PPL. So i intend to study Mon-Fri for the Topics in the PPL. I am going to start by learning Aviation Law, i am going to post some articles on my notes and i would really like it if people offered me some help as well as corrected any articles or entrys i post that are wrong or inaccurate or you can add extra information. I plan to go out to Sunny Florida and do my PPL and a Night rating means summer would be nearly over when i get back and the nights will get earlyer. I also plan to use this time out in the states to get a little interest in my business going and some financial support if possible.

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Hello All (And World =)

Hello All, Makes a change from the normal “Hello World”. Welcome to my blog, its called just blog, as thats all it is, just a blog! Just Blog has some blog related things too, Blog SEO and then i am going to add Blog Articles. Also on here are sections to one of my loves, Aviation, thats all things Aviation. I have got my Flight Training Blog and My PPL Blog and within the next year i will have My ATPL Blog (Diary). I also plan to do some work to help people, mainly kids that cant become pilots due to medical reasons or disabilities or when the works happens terminal ilness. As well as helping those who can never fulfill there dream of becoming an Airline pilot i want to help those who can be a pilot but dont know how to be or, as in alot of cases cant afford this. My dream, well one of them is to help people fulfill there dreams in one way or another. I plan to try and get a full scale simulator that people, mainly kids can get a feel of a job that they want so much but can never get, and i think its a very worth-while cause. The idea came from meeting a few Autistuc adults ands kids, about seven in total spread out over a year whilst i was at work. One in particular comes to mind as they used to come in with their parents several times over the year, but 4 of these seven wanted to be pilots and loved aviation, two carried a plane book and plane model around with them “every” place they go. Only one of the seven was lucky enough to have ever been on a plane, mainly due to financial problems, lets face it most problems are financial. Well i want to give those kids and adults a chance to fly, a B737 Simulator and maybe one day a nice charitable flight school or travel agency can donate a ticket or two so i can send the most deserving cases on a plan ride or even an air experience flight, as there are no substitutes for been up there. My last plan is my business plan, i have been working on it for over three years now, and i have ironed out every crease and made it as risk free as possible, its entering an $15 Billion dollar industry but this industry has mainly large players and then many many small players that are in many other markets too. How i will enter this market i have not 100% finalised yet and i am keeping the market a secret for the moment, but its all down to finances, or lack of finance and backing. I plan to try get some financial backing this summer, So far i have errr, £600 or just under. I have invested several hours per day, most days a month for the last three years and few months in this project, mainly the technology and i have worked on the business plan for 7 months now and its all more or less final.

 If any one wants to help, contribute or offer any advice on any of the matters on my blog just get in touch and i will get back to you, leave a message, comment or email me. Thanks for reading and i will get back to you soon…

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